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“Hal, and everyone he recommended to use was so personal – that was really a theme for us through this process that was so important – these people went above and beyond and didn’t just treat us as another job.”

Aaron and Stephanie Fallon, First Time Home Buyers

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“Honestly, I would recommend Hal any time. I’ve worked with realtors before and never had somebody respond as quickly as he does and with the accuracy that he does.”

Igor and Danijella Erceg, Home Sellers

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“Hal cares about those he works with not just as clients, but as people. I can send [my friends] to someone I know will take care of them.”

Fe Nguyen and Tessa Dalton, First Time Home Buyers

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“I didn’t give Hal time to look for houses for us because I kept giving places I found and wanted to look at. Even with houses he knew we wouldn’t buy, he’d always be agreeable with an O.K., then schedule the tour as our faces registered what he already knew.”

Donna Wallace and Nick Vaassen, Home Buyers

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“Hal made it very smooth because, unfortunately, I had an ex that was involved, but he made it very nice so I didn’t have to get involved with him. Hal took care of things so that we didn’t have to worry about communications.”

Karen Smith, Home Seller

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