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Selling a House Hassle-Free: Leaving Roanoke with Smiles from His Experience

Posted by Kevin Stuckey on 26/01/2018
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Erceg had a nice house to sell in the Cave Spring, VA area. “We planned to stay here for a while but due to work, they asked me to relocate to a larger city with a major airport,” Erceg explains. He set out to find a real estate agent to handle the listing.

“I am quite different than most sellers”, Erceg explains. “What I mean by that is I have absolutely no emotional attachment to a property whatsoever.” He notes his major goals in a house are to find a place to live where his family can be safe, which often involves a property that is in need of some work.  

Before he made a decision on who to list with, Erceg spoke with multiple real estate agents. “At the end of the day, I felt that Hal was the most interested in selling this property for the top dollar versus just listing the property,” he explains. “It wasn’t just him, but a team that he was bringing with him to help us list it. That included a photographer, staging people and others,” Erceg says. 

The stagers made suggestions to move furniture to different locations, add pictures, hang curtains, purchase fresh, clean towels and add flowers to the interior of the house. For the exterior, they recommended removing some of the exterior bushes and adding items to increase curb appeal. “They made some really good recommendations that really changed the look of the property,” Erceg states. “It was very helpful in terms of getting the house ready for sale, and also, I think, one of the main reasons it sold as quickly as it did,” he adds.   

The house had been recently remodeled and already painted in neutral colors with a conservative look, so the stagers focused on little things that could make a big difference.   

Relative to the listing process, “We kind of talked back and forth for about a week about what the right price would be to list,” Erceg explains. “I think Hal and I disagreed a little bit on what the house was worth based on comparable properties so we listed it between the two numbers. Ultimately it sold for what Hal said it would,” he admits.  

Having an open house was an effective strategy for Erceg. He notes the ultimate buyer saw the house during this event, which was Hal’s strategy. That was supported with marketing material that included professional photographs ready for promotion before the house was listed.  

One of the things that impressed Erceg was how attentive Hal was throughout the entire process. “After the contract was accepted, Hal was always helping and arranging the contractors and the different people, the inspectors, opening up the house for them so they could get in and out,” he explains. “It was tremendously helpful because I travel a lot and my wife works so we’re rarely here during that 9-5 time-frame,” he says.  

Even the little things made his life easier in unexpected ways, Erceg notes. He admits learning new things about proper packing with the instructions and accompanying customized labels for boxes Hal provided for each member of the family.  

“Honestly, I would recommend Hal any time. I’ve worked with realtors before and never had somebody respond as quickly as he does and with the accuracy that he does,” Erceg states. “What I mean by that is he almost always responds in less than 30 minutes and tells you either he’s working on it or will get someone else to find something you. You never get a “I don’t know” or “I can’t help you” answer,” he explains. “The great thing about working with Hal was that the response was just on point and if he didn’t have an answer he knew somebody who had an answer,” Erceg notes. 

The first offer came in about a week after the listing price on the house was dropped. Erceg explains that Hal took the calls from the realtors instead of them calling the homeowners directly. He said he appreciated how effective Hal was at screening prospects to ensure those inconveniencing the family with home tours were good potential buyers for the home.   

“He’s been heavily involved in the negotiation part, especially when it came to certain things that got brought up during the inspection” Erceg says. “He even brought the inspectors here when we were not available – purchaser inspectors and contractors – all the people that we needed here he would help with that,” he explains.  

Erceg and his family are excited about their plans to move to Miami. He works as the International Sales and Marketing Manager for Howard Industries, which builds and manufactures electrical transformers.  

“Hal is a southern gentleman. He’s easy to work with, upfront and straight about things. I’ve enjoyed working with him,” Erceg concludes.  

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